Squaring the Culture

"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17


Plumb Bob Blog is the creation of Phil and Shelly Weingart, a freelance writer and a freelance artist. That’s us. We live on Cape Cod, in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Phil received his education online and in the local library, but scarfed a bunch of grant money from the trustees of the University of Pittsburgh for a BA in Speech (Rhetoric and Public Address) and an MBA emphasizing Information Systems, from which he has since recovered completely. He worked in the IT industry (with a few years’ hiatus in the retail and real estate industries after the economy tanked in 2001) until 2007, and raised kids, although the “raised kids” part is grinding to a stop; he has 4 adult children living in the Philadelphia area, of whom he is exceedingly, and possibly inordinately, proud.

Shelly holds a BS in Elementary Education from Eastern Nazarene College, and just took a job counselling developmentally challenged adults, a field in which she is truly gifted. Shel had been working as a landscaper, substitute teacher, eBay marketer and freelance artist for the last few years. She has two frighteningly intelligent sons from a previous marriage, and they live with us about half the time.

Shelly shall be blamed for the graphics, Phil for the text, although Phil comes up with impossible visual ideas for Shelly to reproduce, and Shelly keeps Phil from throwing stink bombs. Actually, since Shelly made the slick masthead graphic and the cute little “Bobs”, Phil has been doing a lot of the graphic arts himself, but Shelly’s still ‘way better at it.

For those who aren’t familiar with construction tools, a “plumb bob” or “plumb line” is a carefully balanced weight on the end of a string that a plumber or carpenter uses to verify that what they’ve just put in place is true to vertical. If you don’t level the door, for instance, it’s likely to swing open on its own, or not close properly. One of my readers, a surveyor, adds that surveyors use them to make sure their transom is level. Anyhow, as the graphic on my masthead illustrates, when we hold a true standard against the Capitol we discover that it’s leaning crazily to the left. Hence: “Plumb Bob Blog.”

The quote from Isaiah is one Phil has always liked. A charismatic minister named Bob Mumford, whom Phil admires, used to publish a newsletter called “Plumb Line” based on that quote or a similar one. It speaks of God creating a standard by which the nations will be judged; if you read Isaiah 28:16 and then follow the cross-references to the New Testament, you’ll discover that the standard is Christ.

Contact us at phil at plumbbobblog dot com to discuss whatever you like (if you want to talk to Shelly, say so, and Phil, who is webmaster, will forward the message). We’ll try to answer until the number of requests becomes onerous, and we might even answer hate mail, although perhaps not politely.