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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

08/07/2012 (12:03 pm)

Monkey Bars

A minor flap arose after gymnast Gabby Douglas won her gold medal in the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics competition last Thursday. Bob Costas, announcer for NBC, observed that Ms. Douglas was the first African-American to win that particular event. And then immediately afterward, NBC ran a commercial for a new sitcom called “Animal Practice,” which is about a veterinarian. The ad, unfortunately, showed a monkey competing in an Olympic gymnastic event.


NBC apologized for the ad, although frankly, it may have been better if they’d simply not mentioned it, and let it pass. Seriously, the only people I’ve heard connect “monkey” and “black human being” in the last decade or two have been leftist activists, usually pretending to be offended in order to create a racial incident where none was warranted.

It has been more than a hundred years since the first dark-skinned American athlete won a gold medal at an Olympic event. John Baxter Taylor ran the third leg for the American men’s winning 400 meter relay team in the London Olympics in 1908. There are certain events in which it is practically unheard of for dark-skinned participants not to win; when American distance runner Galen Rupp took second in the men’s 10,000 meter race on Saturday, he was the first Caucasian of any nationality to win a medal in that event since 1984 (and Bob Costas said not a word about it.) Seriously, folks, race is not a big deal anymore at the Olympics, and has not been for a long, long, long time.

Ms. Douglas herself even felt it was insignificant. Her own words upon winning the event were excitement and thanks to God. She had to be reminded of the racial connection, according to USA Today:

“Someone mentioned that I was the first black American (to win the all-around gold), and I said, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot about that!’ I feel so honored,” she said with a laugh.

Ms. Douglas represents the real solution to race issues: pay them no mind. We are excited about her achievement, and indifferent to the color of her skin.

But if you are a leftist in America, you’re still fighting the Civil Rights battles of the 1960s. And so, because NBC is a reliable shill for the American left, we got to hear about the unremarkable racial significance of Gabby Douglas’ win in women’s gymnastics — and NBC exposed themselves to embarrassment where none was necessary.

Leftists live in the 1960s. They are stuck in time. To find an explanation, you need to look no further than one of those pathetic PBS specials where some 60s one-hit wonder is still, in his 70s, performing his one hit for aging, overweight hippies who can’t leave the past behind. The civil rights movement of the 60s was the only time in their lives that they felt relevant, so they have to keep re-creating it, over and over… The alternative is to face one’s mortality, and that takes courage and maturity.

And that, folks, is why they invent Republican “code words” to explain why the raging, 60s-style racists in the Republican party don’t ever, ever say even a single word that sounds racist. It does not seem possible to them that Republicans are not 60s-style racists (even though the actual, 60s-style racists were nearly all Democrats!) To allow that thought would be to face the possibility that they are simply not so very relevant anymore. How terribly strange to be 70…

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