Squaring the Culture

"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

03/03/2009 (10:00 pm)

A $2 Trillion Deficit, and They Want to Talk About Rush Limbaugh

I don’t blame them. If the President favored by my party ran up a $2 trillion deficit in the first month of his tenure, I’d want to talk about anything but that, myself. So they’re trying very, very hard to change the subject. Whatever else I say, please remember; Rush Limbaugh is a diversion, the real issue is $2 trillion in debt, $2 trillion worth of payoffs to political cronies, and the largest loss of liberty in the history of the North American continent. Democrats are trying to change the subject ’cause they know they need to, the polecats.

So, the talk on the leftward blogosphere is all about Limbaugh’s speech, and especially regarding whether or not he wants President Obama to fail. If the Democrats can succeed in changing the subject, they could split the Republican party, because Limbaugh is a divisive character. And make no mistake, this is not just general interest, it’s a deliberate tactic. Even the Washington Post acknowledges it.

So, my reaction to the issue:

1) Anybody who says Limbaugh is the head of the Republican party is a) selling swampland in Florida, or b) performing a contortionist act by talking with parts of the body that are not supposed to talk. He’s a talk show host, not an activist. Actually, count on a). A Democratic party polling organization reported back in October that only about 44 percent of Republicans say they feel warmly toward Limbaugh. He’s not the head of anything, and the Democrats know it; they’re lying, and it’s a tactic to split the party and discredit it in the eyes of moderates.

2) I can’t imagine anything less relevant to talk about than whether I or anybody else “wants President Obama to fail.” President Obama will succeed or fail based on the soundness of his policies and his ability to lead, not on anything I want for him or not.

3) Fail at what? Fail to use all 7 letters in a single word at Scrabble? I couldn’t care less. Fail a physical exam? I hope he doesn’t. Fail to protect America? I very badly hope he doesn’t. Fail to turn America into a second-tier, socialist swamp? Absolutely, yes, I hope he fails at that. Fail to start his car in the morning? You get the idea. It’s a contrived, meaningless question.

4) Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the American system of government designed to maintain a balance by encouraging the tension between opposing political parties? Isn’t opposition part of our civic duty? Or, are Democrats now admitting that what they really expect is a one-party system, and they’ve simply given up on adversarial politics and representative democracy?

5) Correct me again if I’m wrong again, but wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that opposition was the highest form of patriotism?

What incredible pap. Democrats are shameless.

Limbaugh’s speech was simple, pure conservatism. The speech in brief: we love people, we want them to succeed, the best way for people to succeed is to give them liberty and get the government out of their way. Democrats love feeling like they’re the Good People, but nobody who’s counted on Democrats has improved their condition at all in recent memory. Republicans don’t need to rebuild, and are not the minority; Democrats know they have to attract Reagan supporters in order to win elections. If Republicans stick to their core values, they’ll win elections. Republicans do not want Obama to succeed at dismembering the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, which is what he’s doing. Opposing the President is hardly anything new; Democrats not only wanted George W. Bush to fail, and not only took active measures to cripple his policies, but routinely destroy human lives. The end.

If you want to hear the speech, which was classic Limbaugh and fairly entertaining, Flopping Aces has the entire speech in 10 separate YouTube clips.

I enjoyed the speech, but I also had to compare what he said with the final speaker at CPAC last year, which was Tony Snow. Snow at the time was dying — he had Stage Three cancer — but his outlook was so positive that it felt as though he had one foot in the presence of God. I wrote about it briefly last Easter. By comparison, Limbaugh’s speech was interesting political analysis, but not anything to etch into stone. I think it is important to understand what Limbaugh says; but I think it’s crucial to live where Snow lives.

Now, can we quit changing the subject, and focus instead on how the Democrats have managed to spend roughly $2 trillion of money that we do not have in less than two months? That’s the real news story here.