Squaring the Culture

"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

02/19/2008 (6:40 pm)

Castro Steps Down, Whitewash Continues

Today’s resignation of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is giving Democrats fodder to call for the end of our trade embargo on Cuba.

Democratic hopeful Barak Obama called for reductions in the embargo, while columnists Sarah Stephens and Matt Cooper at Huffington Post both call for a immediate, unilateral, and complete end to the embargo.

Liberals grow curiously free-market-favorable when speaking about trade with communist regimes. They also grow misty-eyed describing the wonders of the universal health care and free public education systems there. They’re seldom so favorable about trade with regimes that don’t utter the favorite Utopian mantras of the Left, the way Marxist regimes always have. And they’re curiously blind to the facts of life under oppressive tyrants who suppress dissent, jail dissidents, outlaw religions, and encourage children to inform on their parents.

So, before we get treated to the expected deluge of leftists mooning over the wonders of Castro’s Cuba, let me take this opportunity to remind us all about what life is like in Cuba’s Castro, how bad the universal health care system truly is, how poverty drives Cuban peasants into the sex industry, how dissidents fare in Cuba, how Christians fare in Cuba, and how the new leader in Cuba will also be named “Castro.”

Cubans in America are not expecting much:

Cuba’s prisons are still rife with prisoners of conscience. Ordinary Cuban’s are still subjected to Cuba’s system of apartheid. Dissidents are still being round up and harrassed. The UN Declaration on Human Rights remains taboo on the island.

There is going to be much ado about new “freedoms” in Cuba and “changes” in policy and what not. Some are going to point to these as proof of raul’s willingness for change. But, you know what? True freedom can’t come piecemeal. The few crumbs this “new and improved” castro regime will toss down to the Cuban people will do little to stay any true hunger for liberty.

The day there is real change in Cuba – and not a carefully choreographed one – will be the day when every single Cuban on the island is allowed to know who Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is. When every Cuban is allowed to know exactly and truthfully why he, and so many like him, have been rotting away in putrid jail cells for years.

For fifty years, the Cuban people have been physically, mentally, spiritually, ideologically, culturally and emotionally emasculated. Today’s news is just another snip in a surreptitiously planned and meticulously orchestrated surgery.

Ending the embargo would profit the Cuban government, which benefits from its theft of the means of production from the Cuban people. Leftists in America would howl at the prospect of American companies doing business with vendors who employ children in factories, or who underpay workers; for some reason, they don’t feel the same about governments that do the same things.

The reason, unless I’m wrong, is that leftists in America believe the same things Marxist dictators do, about wealth, about capitalists, about America, and about liberty. They see Marxist tyranny as well-intended effort in the right direction, and blind themselves to the fact that such regimes induce their own poverty and snuff out human hope. They would produce something similar here if they could; only, they think the US prosperity is eternal, and that socialism here would not produce the sort of poverty it produces everywhere else. They are wrong.

Let’s hope for the liberalization of restrictions in the Cuba of the new Castro, which would enable the US government to relax its 40-plus-year trade embargo with Cuba. But let’s not expect them soon.