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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

06/15/2010 (7:28 pm)

President Zero

Since the topic of leadership has come to the fore lately, two of today’s stories from the Gulf region earn our attention:

Take 1, from The DESTIN Log, Destin, Fl:

Okaloosa defies Unified Command over East Pass plans

DESTIN — Okaloosa County isn’t taking oil spill orders any more.

County commissioners voted unanimously to give their emergency management team the power to take whatever action it deems necessary to prevent oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill from entering Choctawhatchee Bay through the East Pass.

That means the team, led by Public Safety Director Dino Villani, can take whatever action it sees fit to protect the pass without having its plans approved by state or federal authorities.

Take 2, from ABC News:

Gov. Bobby Jindal Orders National Guard to Build Barrier Wall Off Louisiana Shore

Louisiana Gov. Takes Matters Into Own Hands, But Will BP Foot the Bill?

Eight weeks into the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of the Mexico, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has told the National Guard that there’s no time left to wait for BP, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

Before his speech, the president takes another look at the oil-tainted region.

In Fort Jackson, La., Jindal has ordered the Guard to start building barrier walls right in the middle of the ocean. The barriers, built nine miles off shore, are intended to keep the oil from reaching the coast by filling the gaps between barrier islands.

When there’s an absence of leadership at the top, individuals lower on the totem who have leadership skills take the initiative where they can. The situation there on the Gulf, with the oil coming ashore, is critical, and local leaders who know what needs to be done are saying “Protocol be damned, we’re tired of waiting for real leadership, let’s do something.”

Meanwhile, President Obama is attempting to turn the public relations tide in a manner that we’re getting used to seeing from him, by taking shots at his political adversaries and attempting to shift attention. Only, this time he merely proves what’s being said about him, that he hasn’t the slightest idea what’s involved in leadership. From Politico last Friday:

Obama to POLITICO: Some in Congress hypocritical on spill

In an interview with POLITICO, the president said: “I think it’s fair to say, if six months ago, before this spill had happened, I had gone up to Congress and I had said we need to crack down a lot harder on oil companies and we need to spend more money on technology to respond in case of a catastrophic spill, there are folks up there, who will not be named, who would have said this is classic, big-government overregulation and wasteful spending…”

“Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,” Obama said.

He’s completely without a clue.

Leadership is not about who has what power; it’s about who has ideas and initiative that others are eager to follow. He could have zero authority, but if he’s got leadership skills, he’d be taking action that others are willing to follow or emulate. He could be the tyrant of the world with all power, but if he doesn’t know how to lead, leaders further down the chain will start taking actions on their own. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the size or power of government, and everything to do with the character of the man in the Oval Office.

When you’re President, the entire nation pauses and waits to see what you’re doing, simply because you’re the one tasked with leading. It doesn’t matter what power the President has, if he has ideas that are worth following, people will follow willingly. Most people are eager to be led, and are just waiting for someone to show them what needs to be done.

Only, leading is not something a President is supposed to learn once he gets elected; we’re supposed to elect people who have already exhibited that quality. This is what a number of us were getting at when we pointed out during the election in 2008 that Obama had never really accomplished anything (nor had Hillary Clinton or John Edwards, for that matter.) I never liked John McCain, and I still don’t, but there’s no question he’d be taking charge of the Gulf cleanup in an appropriate manner if he’d been elected. Sarah Palin would be taking charge appropriately, too; she’s shown that quality. And we know perfectly well what sort of a leader George W. Bush was. For about 3 weeks following the World Trade Center attacks, even Democrats were heaving a sigh of relief that it was Bush and not Gore sitting in the Oval Office. His response to that situation was magnificent. (And then the shriekers from the Left started carping about what he did for 7 minutes after getting the first report about the WTC attack. Democrats are clueless, and worse, they’re vicious.)

So now the leaders in localities and states around the Gulf are taking matters into their own hands. This is the clearest evidence one could possibly garner to prove that there’s a hole at the top of the organization chart. Some partisans, during the election season in 2008, took to calling Obama “Zero.” I did not join in at that time. Nor did I complain much when I read reports about the President enjoying wagyu beef and scheduling a lot of parties; I don’t object if we as a nation allow those who serve the public some perks of high office, But he has to do something to earn the perks. This time he’s earned the name. We have an empty suit in the Oval Office. We have President Zero.

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August 11, 2010 @ 12:55 am #

Why does he need to know anything about leadership? What does it matter if he plays golf and goes on vacation constantly? What does it matter if he doesn’t care what happens to Americans? None of that matters because he is accomplishing exactly what he wants to accomplish and gets to vacation and golf at the same time. Why is anyone criticizing him about something he doesn’t need to do. Everything on Alinsky’s list is being done all he has to do is smile go on the View to tamp down the criticism and go back to his golf game. People who think he should be a leader or should care just don’t get it. Their trying to turn him into someone who should care about being a leader when he doesn’t. He is no normal person who would suddenly come to the realization he has a duty and obligation to fulfill the office of president in a responsible manner to the best of his ability.He has an agenda and its going very well. Take down America and replace it with Socialism. Trying to explain him or cajole him into being something he knows he doesn’t have to be is futile.He’s evil, his plans are evil the people he’s surrounded himself with are evil. We only need to do one thing, rid ourselves of him and the progressive commies around him and in this Congress and try to undo everything he’s done. If he does even one thing that looks like a change of mind or leadership (impossible)you know it has an evil purpose behind it.Yes it boggles the mind that someone could become president of the United States and not give a fig about the office of president or our country, but it is what we have.

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