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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

02/22/2010 (10:34 pm)

The West Abdicates

Mark Steyn has written a tour de force over at Investor’s Business Daily, juxtaposing the inanity of nanny-state “protection” laws with the Obama administration’s utter failure to act in the face of Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons.

This is a perfect snapshot of the west at twilight. On the one hand, governments of developed nations micro-regulate every aspect of your life in the interests of “keeping you safe…”

On the other hand, when it comes to “keeping you safe” from real threats, such as a millenarian theocracy that claims universal jurisdiction, America and its allies do nothing. There aren’t going to be any sanctions, because China and Russia don’t want them…

In this case, the slow-motion nuclearization conducted in full view and through years of tortuous diplomatic charades and endlessly rescheduled looming deadlines is not just a victory for Iran but a decisive defeat for the United States. It confirms the Islamo-Sino-Russo-everybody else diagnosis of Washington as a hollow superpower that no longer has the will or sense of purpose to enforce the global order…

In Eastern Europe, a nuclear Iran will vastly advance Russia’s plans for a de facto reconstitution of its old empire: In an unstable world, Putin will offer himself as the protection racket you can rely on. And you’d be surprised how far west “Eastern” Europe extends:

Moscow’s strategic view is of a continent not only energy-dependent on Russia but also security-dependent. And, when every European city is within range of Teheran and other psycho states, there’ll be plenty of takers for that when the alternative is an effete and feckless Washington.

Read the whole thing, and weep.

Now the real cost of the calumny of the Democrats in government becomes clearer. The Bush administration may have been able to garner support for putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear intentions in 2007, but they were stymied by the release of the National Intelligence Estimate that claimed — knowledgeably falsely, as we now know — that the Iranians had quit developing nukes back in 2003. It’s quite plain that this was incorrect; it’s only a little less plain that the error was made deliberately. So we can thank government-employed Democrats for the fall of Europe and the Middle East under Russian-Iranian domination, and all the misery that will ensue in its wake. Well, it was plain that they hated America’s influence in the world, and now they’ve put an end to it. Well done, folks. Hope you’re proud. Meanwhile, permit me to renew my call for the re-invigoration of treason laws with teeth.

I’ll send a hat tip to PowerLine Blog, where I first read of Steyn’s diatribe.

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February 23, 2010 @ 8:46 am #

This article highlights the end game of liberals governing and having their way.

I heard it called anarcho-tyranny, I believe, by the late Sam Francis. Because the liberals do not have the will to stop them, the tyrants, predators, thugs and criminals are free as wolves to operate as they will. But it is much easier to slap restrictions on and law abiding citizens and enforce them, so the law abiding vast majority are constricted tighter and tighter by the nanny state.

The thugs and criminals don’t turn their guns in or apply for licenses, and they use them at will. But the regulations make it more and more difficult for someone who simply wants to protect themselves from the criminals that the state does not have the will to stop.

Think the country that financed and supplied the terrorists in Iraq for the past several years might just have some ideas on what to do with their weaponry when they go nuclear? If you can’t guess, just Google their leader’s comments about Israel and the great Satan.

And it’s all just fine with the libs.

February 23, 2010 @ 11:56 am #

One of your commenters some time ago was of the opinion that the NIE was open and honest, and Bush was the bad guy. I wonder what he thinks about this latest info.

Moles and infiltrators are the most dangerous types. They are dangerous because of what they actually do, but they are even more dangerous because they undermine the trust we must have in those we rely upon for various necessary information and actions.

Personally, I’ve thought for years that El Baradei was a pro-islamic mole, working for islam through the UN. He “didn’t find” way too much stuff.

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