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Isaiah 28:17

07/01/2008 (8:46 am)

Web Pirates for Obama?

There are some sketchy indications that Obama supporters may be engaging in hacker tactics to stifle criticism of their candidate.

I received an email yesterday drawing my attention to this Newsbusters article discussing how the American Spectator website was tagged by Google as a possible spam site, making it impossible to reach American Spectator through Google’s search engine. It’s plausible, of course, that some hacker implanted Trojan Horse code somewhere on American Spectator and Google is reporting accurately; but, as Newsbusters pointed out, the Google message says the rogue code was last detected on 4/5/2008, and nobody reported being deflected from American Spectator by Google until 6/30/2008. Several of the comments on the Newsbusters article shed additional light, making it appear certain that Google’s “this may harm your computer” report was specious.

Google is getting a reputation for this sort of thing; my own story is that for a while, you could type “incompetent” into the Google search bar and the first article returned would be Wikipedia’s article about President George W. Bush (this no longer works, btw). My best guess is that some Google employee did it on the quiet.

I would have let it pass, but I also happened across this fascinating report from Bloggasm: a number of anti-Obama blogs on Blogspot.com, a blog host run by Google, got hacked all in the same night last week. According to impromptu chatter among the Blogspot bloggers, somebody apparently went to the trouble of visiting every one of them and pressing the “flag this blog” option at the top of the screen, a button Google provides for readers to flag potentially offensive material. As a result of the action, none of these blogs were reachable for a period of about 3 days. A number of them have left Google’s hosting site and set up free WordPress accounts instead.

The Bloggasm article contains this frightening account from blogger Larry Johnson, who allegedly suffered a denial of service attack a few months ago, and then allegedly received threatening phone calls from Obama supporters. Larry Johnson is a scumbag; he’s the guy who published the rumor about Republicans having a video of Michelle Obama at the Trinity Church attacking “whitey,” a tape that most likely does not exist. He’s a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and could possibly be involved in a hoax to damage Obama. However, if his account here is to be believed, the Obama campaign appears to be engaged in Brownshirt tactics, attempting to silence criticism by internet piracy and intimidation.

“We were contacted by our host in March and they claimed we were draining too many resources,” he said. “They shut us down completely. But when we went in to look at our site statistics it was evident that something else was clearly going on — we were the subject of some kind of spam attack that was putting a strain on the site.”

To ward off such attacks, he decided to go with his own server, a move that he said would make it harder to shut him down. But after he published the “whitey” claims, he had more direct conflicts with Obama supporters.

“The problem with these people who had their Google accounts shut down, they’re intimidated by it,” Johnson said. “They don’t want to get themselves in a situation so they would be identified. Some of these people who get identified, the Obama folks start picking up the phone and calling. I had phone calls into my office, threatening me, saying that you’re going to be fired, let me talk
to your boss. I told them to go f*** (my deletion) themselves, because I am my own boss. It helps to be self-employed.”

I did hear rumors of this from pro-Hillary sites during the extended primary season, and we may be seeing the first signs of it here.

New politics, indeed. We’re not used to Stalinists here in America.

Photo of a synagogue burned on Krystalnacht was borrowed from a toxic leftist’s website, one Peter Amsel. Beware: this guy’s a Truther, and worse. Good photos, though.

I notice that Chris Muir’s DBD cartoon today covers the same topic. Kudos, Chris, and fists up for freedom.

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