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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

06/09/2008 (7:48 am)

Obama, the Anti-Semite Magnet

Blog chatter this morning is about a raft of antisemitic blog posts in the official Obama web site community. Little Green Footballs picked up the first set, “How the Jewish Lobby Works” by a Brother Nathaniel Kapner, apparently an Eastern Orthodox cleric, and posted on Obama’s community blog by one “Juan Carlos.” It’s good that Charles Johnson at LGF knows to take screen shots; pretty much as soon as he posted, the content disappeared down the memory hole, after scrubbing Google’s cache. Johnson then came up with “The Israeli Connection to 9/11” at the Obama site… and then that disappeared, too. Then Johnson ran a search of the Obama site on the phrase “Jewish lobby,” and stopped scanning the posts after 10 pages; there is a ton of antisemitic hate speech on Obama’s community blog. He’s posted a little compendium of nutty blogs that he found at the Obama site.

The reactions to this at the big sites — Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Power Line — are a little shallow, mostly crowing about how busted Obama is. The real thinking seems to be happening in the second tier this morning. The Other McCain makes some interesting observations:

  • Brother Kapner adds to the list of insane clerics drawn to Obama, highlighting the creepy, quasi-Messianic flavor of the campaign;
  • We could possibly see some of the Ron Paul effect if enough loons show up next to Obama;
  • The real question: “Where does Obama stand on Israel?” Yes, I know what he says; why is it, exactly, that so many pro-Palestinian groups simply don’t take what he says seriously?
  • There’s an interesting side-text issue about how Obama’s strong internet skills seem to be becoming a mixed blessing.

Nice Deb focuses on the Israel issue, which is the part of this that actually touches core campaign issues, inconveniently bringing up Obama comments about how much the Palestinians are suffering and his cozy relationship to Rashid Khalidi and other anti-Semites. I think she’s right; regardless of Obama’s campaign rhetoric, he’s going to try to move the US in the pro-Palestinian direction, which could be very bad news for Israel.

My own take is that the Republican party needs to try to amplify the Ron Paul effect. The hard-left loons are going to gather around Obama in droves and herds, and they’ll be saying their incredibly loony things. There are a lot more of them today than there were in 2000, and they’re a lot farther out of the mainstream than they were then. If the Republicans can draw enough attention to them, it should push moderates into the McCain fold.

Comments From Left Field (R-rated, beware) smells a Republican dirty trick (see what I mean about loons?) He might have had a point if it weren’t for the veritable deluge of posts about the “Jewish Lobby,” per my first paragraph. It’s unlikely they’re all the result of Republican dirty tricks, and those of us who occasionally visit the leftward blogs know that anti-Semitism is becoming an increasingly common theme there. Sorry, mattt, but this one’s real.

Update: Dave Johnson at Huffington Post is blaming the entire event on Republicans (I wonder if he thinks Republicans planted all ten pages of hits on “Jewish lobby.”) That’s how Democrats do it… nothing is ever their fault, it’s always being done to them. And true to form, if you scroll down the comments, you’ll find several Democrats saying, as Democrats always do, “They’re doing it to us, so let’s do it to them.” Of course, people of sound morals understand that somebody doing wrong to you does not justify you doing wrong to them; my kids understood that when they were 6. But Democrats don’t know that… so they’ll end up justifying the most vicious, dishonest tactics on the basis of their having imagined the Republicans did it to them first. They justify stuffing the ballot box the same way. They justify planting false evidence the same way. They justify corruption the same way. That’s how Democrats Do It.

And they wonder why we don’t recognize their obvious moral superiority.

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