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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

03/04/2009 (8:54 pm)

Newt at CPAC: Let's Have It Out

What follows is Newt Gingrich’s complete speech from CPAC. I plucked this from Newt Gingrich’s web site. I was not at CPAC on Friday and did not hear his talk until I visited his site; this was better than any of the speeches I heard while I was there Saturday. Gingrich thinks very clearly, and presents the issues very clearly.

By the way: I would love to see the Democrats try to turn Newt Gingrich into the head of the Republican party. He’s not (neither is Rush Limbaugh); he’s actually trying so hard to remain non-partisan that he’s practically forming a third party. However, the Democrats won’t touch him, because they know that what he’s advocating is actually the preference of about 2/3 of the nation, and touching Gingrich would be like touching the third rail. They’d turn crispy.

The talk is 46 minutes long, and focuses on the clear distinction between the liberty of a free people, that works, and the clear attempt to create a European-style bureaucratic state here in America, that does not work. Enjoy.

Oh, PS: you’ll especially like the challenge he issues to Eric Holder. It’s somewhere around the 7 minute mark.

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