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Isaiah 28:17

04/26/2008 (9:25 am)

Michelle Obama Friend of Terrorist Fundraiser

Barack Obama’s contacts get seedier by the day.

See if you can follow this thread: Obama’s campaign web site contained a dedicated page for a fundraiser named Hatem El-Hady. El-Hady used to head a US charitable organization called KindHearts. KindHearts had its assets frozen by the US Dept of Treasury in 2006 for sending its funds to Hamas (see also FrontPageMag’s connecting tissue here). Apparently, KindHearts was the organization Hamas and al Qaeda set up jointly after the government shut down their first wave of front charities, Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (Hamas) and Global Relief Foundation (al Qaeda).

Ok, so a major, covert, Islamic radical fundraiser prefers Obama; that’s hardly news, Hamas has openly endorsed Obama, right?

Here’s the rub: El-Hady’s profile on Obama’s site listed Michelle Obama as a friend. Listed it, that is, until first Digital Journal, then Little Green Footballs, noticed the connection and reported on it. Then Michelle Obama’s name quietly disappeared from the profile page. And then, the profile page itself quietly disappeared. Click on the Little Green Footballs link, above, for screen shots showing the connection vanishing mysteriously into the mist.

Charles Johnson at LGF is the guy who broke the Rathergate story about CBS’ National Guard memo being a forgery; he’s a pretty thorough fellow. Today, he’s doing his due diligence about what “friend” means in the context of Obama’s web page, and has verified that in order for Michelle Obama’s name to appear as a friend on a profile, the individual whose profile it is has to send an email to that person, who then has to reply specifically from inside the email to approve being listed as a friend. If you’ll think through why this individual, with only two friends listed on his profile, would send a friend request to Michelle Obama (why not to Barack?), and then why Michelle would approve the request, it becomes apparent that Michelle Obama and Hatem El-Hady probably know each other. Can you imagine how many emails Michelle Obama receives every day? Why would she even open a friend request from a stranger?

Next question: what sort of important people have fundraisers for international terrorists among their personal set of acquaintences?

Barack Obama got his start as a radical organizer. He’s maintained associations with individuals who clearly represent the farthest-left activists one can find in America. We’re not talking about famous liberals like Ted Kennedy or Joe Biden, we’re talking about neo-Marxist radicals like Bernadette Dohrn and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Now we’re seeing connections to top-level activists for Hamas. This is not about judgment, though that’s how most commentators will play it; it’s about who Barack Obama really is. It will only take so many of these associations before we can state categorically that Barack Obama is not a centrist of any kind, but a full-blown neo-Marxist in sheep’s clothing. America, beware.

Let me say a few words about guilt by association. This is not a court, and we are not jurors. There is no crime under consideration; it is not illegal for Barack or Michelle Obama to make friends among radicals. We are, however, voters, and we’re aware that the polished policy sound bites that appear on a candidate’s web site are not the best measure of who the candidate is. We believe that the core beliefs of the candidate mean more, in the long run, than their intentions promised on the campaign trail. And when a candidate like Barack Obama runs a campaign that’s designed to obscure rather than illuminate his true beliefs, we have to rely on past associations and actions to determine what the candidate really stands for. This is why we’re spending so much time examining Obama’s connections, and why those connections mean so much to us. We’re not determining guilt; we’re determining core beliefs. And so far, it appears that Barack Obama’s core beliefs are politically radical.

Today the noise about Michelle Obama’s friendship with El-Haty exists only among the rightward blogs (Michelle Malkin has also picked it up.) If the press runs with it, it will add to the already-too-weighty pile of unsavory associations Obama needs to explain. If this keeps happening, you may see Democratic Superdelegates diverting their support to Hillary Clinton before the convention in Denver, If that doesn’t happen, expect to hear lots of chatter about it in the fall.

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April 26, 2008 @ 12:09 pm #

This election gets more complicated every day! Not only do we have to keep track of the ChiComs financing the Democrats, now we have to keep track of which Terrorist Group is supporting whom!

October 9, 2008 @ 12:10 pm #

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October 31, 2008 @ 7:24 pm #

[…] was a while back, but al Qaeda financier Hatem al Hady was spotted as a friend on Michelle Obama’s page, until Johnny Simpson at Digital Journal and Charles Johnson at […]

October 27, 2009 @ 10:07 pm #

i like Michelle Obama because she is more charismatic than the previous first lady,

April 1, 2010 @ 12:19 am #

Wonder how you pronouce Hatem (as in Hatem El-Hady). Just as it seems? Wonder what it means…

April 30, 2010 @ 12:09 pm #

Michelle Obama is such a wonderful woman. I believe that she would be an excellent first lady.,;:

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