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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

01/06/2009 (8:30 am)

Introducing Big Hollywood

Today marks the introduction of a group blog worthy of our support. Andrew Breitbart, founder of the Breitbart.com and Breitbart.tv news services, launches Big Hollywood, a conservative community aimed at changing the entertainment industry.

Changing pop culture is more important than we can imagine. In the project of rescuing Western civilization from terminal rot, it’s second in importance only to changing education. Even the most stable among us are vulnerable to the constant hammering of demands for corrosive social change that we hear in the popular media. We’ve come to accept casual sex as passe’ simply because of unbroken repetition; today, we live in the most sexually libertine culture in the history of the planet, and barely bat an eyelid when we hear that 20% of the American population carries incurable viral STDs. This was accomplished through pop culture, by repetitive portrayals of casual sex among the young.

Social corrosion could be reversed in the same manner, if the right people had the right influence in popular media, and there are some signs that that could happen. Mystery writer Andrew Klavan, front and center on the site today, recounts some of the positive news from 2008 for conservatives:

Spider-Man 3, a pro-American, pro-responsibility film with deeply Christian overtones topped the box office in 2007. 300, which said a lot that needed to be said about the war on terror, came in at number ten. Even more amazing, the Oscar winner for the year was No Country for Old Men, a decidedly conservative film that linked the evil of its nihilist serial killer to the decline of morals since the 1960’s. “Once you stop hearing sir or ma’am,” says the film’s lone moral voice, “the rest [of the evil] will follow.”

It was pretty much the same this year. Top of the box office so far: the blatantly pro-war on terror Dark Knight. The Christian Prince Caspian is at number eleven. The pro-abstinence Twilight is currently at sixteen and still hot. And perhaps most delightfully, and of course most ignored by the MSM: the Christian pro-marriage film Fireproof, despite suffering from its shoestring budget, still out-performed such favorites of our media elites as W, Religulous and Stop-Loss.

Now yes, it’s aggravating that good values have to go disguised as super heroes or vampires or Spartans while those who hate America and God can speak out plain. But if liberals in the arts sometimes bully conservatives into silence, it’s partly because conservatives let it happen. When the people whose welfare policies helped destroy the black family call us racist, we cower. When the people whose sexual revolution helped spread the plagues of divorce and STD’s call us sexist, we quail. When the people who blame 9/11 on America call us warmongers, we get defensive.

Well, to hell with that. They’re full of it. We ought to spit in their collective eye.

We’re beginning to get that idea. The very existence of this website is evidence of it. Andrew Breitbart’s not afraid of these clowns. Neither is John Nolte. Neither are the rest of us who’ll be blogging here. And I’m willing to bet that once we start talking out loud, there’ll be more of us and then more.

We could cite a lot of negatives about that list of positives. It’s hard to celebrate the “good values” of films so bruising to the soul as No Country for Old Men and Dark Knight, and the “Christian” Prince Caspian was largely de-Christianized by its script-writers. However, it would be foolish in the extreme to expect balance and harmony overnight after nearly a century of socially progressive corruption in the arts. We need to treat the burgeoning social conservatism of Hollywood as we would treat a toddler — applaud loudly every gain while gently correcting errors and imperfections, no matter how glaring.

Stick Big Hollywood in your bookmarks, and pay them a visit from time to time. This is a good start.

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January 9, 2009 @ 1:08 am #

We’ll have to see how this does, but it gives me some hope. As I’ve stated before, conservatives are huge losers in the PR war. One big reason why is Hollywood and the unceasing, unchallenged drumbeat of liberalthink they spew out.

When I watch a movie or just about any TV program, my default blinders have to go on for me to be capable of enjoying it. I have to simply ignore the PC message that will inevitably be delivered at some point, sort of like suspending disbelief to be able to enjoy Spiderman.

The PC message is omnipresent and most young people respond to it favorably. After all, nobody wants to be bigoted, a warmonger, a moron, or whatever type of lame ogre you are if you don’t buy into the leftist message. Everyone wants to be hip, edgy, cool – like all those celebs that keep ripping Bush and Sarah Palin.

We stand back and hope reason will eventually trump emotion, but it does not always happen that way.

When someone consistently bullies or mocks someone and there is no response, after awhile, the one being bullied begins to look weak and pathetic rather than statesmanlike or mature. After awhile other (weak) people join in the fun; it’s easier to go along with the bully when no one stands up to them. That way you won’t become a target.

A hip, conservative counterpoint with some sharp edges and bite from Hollywood could be a good thing. Just last night Letterman noted that Laura Bush planned to write her memoirs. He then smirked that it would be entitled “I’m With Stupid”. In my view, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone like Gary Sinise, say; or perhaps some well known actor who is a vet (I guess a few are still out there), rip old Dave a new one for that remark, and for the retort to start making the rounds.

I would like nothing more than to have a level headed dialogue with the leftists. They would scratch their heads and concede a point or two, and so would we, and we would go from there; and the battle would be won or lost in the arena of ideas. But that isn’t how it works and to wish it were so is denial of reality. A little humor (with some rough edge to it when called for) can blunt some of the left’s most powerful weaponry.

It’s not the be all end all, but it’s something. Good luck to this one.

January 9, 2009 @ 8:33 am #


Your bit about the one being bullied looking weak is a reprise of what I called a “screeching inversion.” It’s a fact of our deteriorating culture.

Like you, I wish a level headed dialogue with leftists were possible. I’ve actually had a half-dozen conversations like that — in the last 25 years. Most of the time, the first thing you hear from them is a sneering insult, and that’s that. I remember one conversation with an acquaintance from church, when he actually asked me “Why Iraq?” and when I attempted to answer, the sneering started after I had uttered FOUR WORDS. No conversation will be possible so long as the political category itself practically constitutes a form of mental illness.

January 9, 2009 @ 9:36 am #

Phil, you have me beat, you’re at least counting the rational dialogues on two hands!

January 9, 2009 @ 12:13 pm #

Has anyone noticed the CNN spinn on Ziegler’s interview (found at Big Hollywood) with Sara Palin? You can find it at http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2009/01/09/ but you have to scroll down some. It’s titled “Palin lashes out at media”. (And it’s usually found under “Spidey meets Mr. Obama”.)

I saw it at CNN thing first. Then I found the actual interview at Big Hollywood. I could not believe the difference. The Ziegler interview is about Main Stream Media abuse and it is substantial. The CNN “report” on the interview is all about Palin not taking responsibility for her . . . well, for her being abused. One CNN anchor did try to concede that Palin had a point regarding the unfolding treatment of Caroline Kennedy, but the other anchor quickly added the big “But …”. And so it went.

Thanks for pointing out Big Hollywood.

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