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"...and I will make justice the plumb line, and righteousness the level;
then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters will overflow the secret place."
Isaiah 28:17

10/24/2008 (8:41 am)

They're Stealing the Election

I read two articles on Wednesday and was rendered listless and depressed for two days. I’m still recovering.

The first was this account from Nashville of vanloads of Spanish-speaking individuals brought to an early voting station by an activist. There were sound reasons to assess that these individuals were not qualified to vote, and that to permit them to vote would violate the law. The County Election Board, Democrats included, decided that they would not be permitted to vote. The state election coordinator — a Democrat — intervened and permitted them to vote anyway, making excuses for ignoring the law. The mechanism for objecting at this point only works after the fact, and cannot back out their votes even if it’s decided that the state erred.

This is one of many such incidents about which we’re hearing these days. Progressives have developed a strategy for manufacturing votes illegally, and they appear to have found the weaknesses in the system that allow them to get away with it, even though they know perfectly well that it’s illegal.

By the way, this is why the ACORN strategy is so devastating, and why the counter-claim “It’s just registration fraud, not voter fraud” is so lame (as though any sort of fraud were acceptable.) The ACORN strategy is clearly to overwhelm the ability of the system to filter out illegal votes. They’re doing it systematically. There would be no motive to do this unless they were working in conjunction with others who are systematically attempting to insert illegal votes into the system.

The second was Quin Hillyer’s column in the DC Examiner describing the situation in Ohio, where because of a legal technicality the Ohio Secretary of State, a Progressive Democrat, is getting away with clearly illegal manipulation of the system to disable the ability to filter out illegal votes. This part of the same, widespread effort by Progressives. They’re demolishing democracy before our eyes, and we’re helpless.

Hillyer’s article provided an interesting counterpoint to this deliberate take-down of the American republic. Remember a few weeks ago, when I reported on a conference run by the US Attorneys of the Justice Department in which they gave instructions for prosecuting anybody who attempted to “suppress votes?” Hillyer reports that they’re actually carrying this out.

Consider the California case in which the division’s lawyers have actually indicted former Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen for making “misleading statements to investigators.”

About what? Nguyen was tangentially involved with sending a letter that urged Latino citizens to vote but warned that illegal immigrants could be prosecuted if they tried to vote.

Every word in the letter was true. But DOJ investigators were more interested in cracking down on the people who wrote the letter – a legitimate expression of free-speech rights – than on the illegal immigrants who may be voting.

The kicker: The DOJ attorney on the case, former Ted Kennedy-affiliated lawyer James Walsh, is as contributor to the Obama campaign, as is his boss, former ACLU attorney Mark Kappelhoff.

So here’s the situation:

A large, organized group of partisans have decided to win the election by fraud. They believe they’re justified because of the imaginary fraud in the 2000 and 2004 elections (exhibiting infantile dementia by asserting that the wrongs of others justify wrongs of their own). They’re operating in a nationwide conspiracy to dismantle the ability of the nation’s voting system to identify and exclude illegal voters, then flooding the polls with illegal voters. Law enforcement officials tasked with enforcing the law and preventing such actions have made it clear that they will not enforce the law. The national agency responsible for prosecuting such actions is part of the conspiracy. And the press, which would ordinarily act as a foil against such widespread conspiracies, has decided that they approve, and refuses to blow the whistle.

Honest people are powerless. The election is being stolen, and we can do nothing.

When the government refuses to enforce the laws that protect us, it becomes the task of honest citizens to protect ourselves. Even if McCain wins this election — and that’s still very possible, given the apparent cooking of poll results by an obviously biased press — private citizens must begin to take measures to provide new guards for our future security. “An unjust law is no law at all,” said St. Augustine, and widespread, deliberate failure to enforce the law constitutes tyranny. We must not consent to live within a system when that system has been deliberately disabled from the top down by enemies of liberty. It is time for ordinary citizens to begin organizing our defense.

I’m interested in hearing from any individual who wants to work toward any one of the following:

  • prosecution or class action lawsuit against Progressives involved in a nationwide criminal conspiracy;
  • mass exodus to some state or group of states with the purpose of seceding from the union;
  • arming and organizing ourselves for deliberate overthrow of the government, if that becomes necessary for our security.

Those are desperate measures, but these are desperate times. At the very least, we must begin organizing for our defense.

UPDATE: Here’s a hello to all of you from Sadly, No! who are visiting on the suggestion of a clown calling himself “Tripp Palin.” I’d say that Tripp is off the mark on just about every item except this: I really am breathtakingly rude to some of my visitors, notably those who sneer and hurl invective. Like this comment I’m writing right this minute. Breathtakingly rude. Have a great day, and thanks for visiting.

Oh, and if you decide to leave a comment, even on an old article like this one, I’ll notice, and respond if I think it’s appropriate. Feel free.

Sure does feel good to be this rude…

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October 24, 2008 @ 9:39 am #

[…] The rest is here: They’re Stealing the Election […]

October 25, 2008 @ 4:39 pm #

Are you really that afraid of freedom and democracy? Are you truly that completely unaware of how close the GOP has brought the USA to complete destruction? Are you really that afraid of having a mature, well-educated, thoughtful, pro-American man like Obama leading this country out of the backwards wilderness Bushco has put us in?

Thanks, for 9/11, by the way, and all of your other failures since then.

October 25, 2008 @ 10:26 pm #

All of the squawking about “election stealing” can go on from now until November 3, 2009; the facts of this election are going to be decided on John McCain’s staggering failures in selecting a running mate who has done nothing but demonstrate her exquisite lack of preparation for the position to which she has been chosen to run.

The very fact that several senior respectable and significant members of the Republican Party, including recent supporters of Senator McCain, have openly come out in support of Senator Obama, including one gentleman who voted early and announced that he had voted for Obama as a result of Governor Palin’s lack of readiness (among other things I would imagine).

The issue with ACORN, as you are so wont to bring up, has nothing to do with voter fraud; it does have everything to do with a community organization having their coffers robbed by unscrupulous individuals who have decided to break the rules in order to pad their paycheques. The rules stated that ALL registrations must be submitted, even those that have been identified as being made fraudulently. ACORN identified those registration forms that were irregular or duplicated and would not have been counted – the problem, however, comes from the perception of others who see one thing and assume something else. The attempts at transparency in the process – the reporting of the fraudulent acts of individuals HIRED by ACORN – has been blown totally out of proportion by the GOP and, in particular, by McCain himself when – in the third Presidential Debate – he said this was something to the effect of “an attempt at unraveling the fabric of our democracy”. Well, I’m sorry Senator McCain, but that rhetoric only gets you so far these days with people who have any inkling of common sense and an ability to discern the truth from fiction.

The “Straight Talk Express” has been derailed by its own conductor: with one hand they call for fiscal restraint and with the other they pass out $150,000 for fashions for someone who has proclaimed that she is proud of being a “hockey mom”, working their budget out around the kitchen table. I bet that budget did not include $22,000 for her hairdresser.

This election will not be lost because of voter fraud, Mr Plumb Bob, no, this election will be lost for the simple reason that the Republican Party got drunk with the idea of having a third kick at the White House and forgot one key thing about the people of the United States: they are NOT all as stupid as the international press tends to paint them as, nor are they as complacent as they used to be when it comes to matters relating to political corruption and the possibility of changing the system. The idea that change can be effected through an idealist who has an honest vision for the nation – a vision that does not include the Halliburton’s but rather looks towards the middle class should not scare you, it should excite you; after all, when the middle class is strong, when they have money to spend, money to invest, money to lend, money to use for frivolous things … well, what do you think happens? They buy things – things like cars – houses, manufactured goods (manufactured in America – remember the ads, “Made in the U.S.A”?), they invest in bonds and stocks, they travel.

Money is generally described as “fluid” for the simple reason that people do not tend to hold onto it for very long (which can also be a problem). Can you honestly believe that under an Obama administration, with the middle class having more money at their disposal – money that will then be able to directly stimulate an economy DESPERATE for some stimulation – that this will cripple America?

Is your knowledge of the political situation that much more informed than that of former Sec. State, General Colin Powell, because … well, if it is, holy crap … That’s cool. If not, perhaps you should dial back the rhetoric a bit and start to take a look at what Obama has said about his platforms rather than what McCain has said about Obama’s platform, or what Joe, the unlicensed – making less than 50k/year contractor (not plumber) … who is in NO position to by the business he said, and … AND had already donated to the McCain campaign when he pushed himself to the front of the line to question Obama on his platform – don’t take what Joe has to say either – their ideas were set before the platform was even built.

October 26, 2008 @ 5:37 am #

Let’s get our passports now! We may need to leave the country before exit visas are no longer available from the new Nobamacommunist gummint! I hear they may round all of us conservatives and republicans up and shoot us!

I’m so frightened I don’t know what to do!


October 26, 2008 @ 3:05 pm #

Well, well, well. It looks as though the Obama thugs have decided to pay my tiny blog a visit… not realizing that they’re proving my thesis as they do so.

The first and third comments, “ronjazz” and “American Hawk,” are just mindless robots who heard “serve the cause, go shout down all the enemies of O,” probably hearing nothing but the names of web sites to visit. The 2nd one is a bit more cogent-sounding (though truly no less insane,) and probably has been tasked specifically with targeting sites that draw attention to voter fraud.

You see, none of these folks regularly visit my site. They’ve never commented here before; probably never even visited before. They’re part of the preparation by the Obama campaign for the complaints about voter fraud that were sure to arise. They’re sifting the ‘net looking for complaints about voter fraud. However, are serious complaints about voter fraud a normal part of Republican campaigns? No, of course not; the Obama campaign expected lots of noise about voter fraud because they intended systematically to commit voter fraud. The preparation proves the intention. Thanks for the confirmation, guys.

The responses themselves are pure Alinsky. Note that none of them actually attempt to address any point I raised; CrazyComposer comes closest, but really all he did was repeat something I’d already rebutted. He wants to assert that a systematic pattern of abuses occurring all over the nation are just a few individuals going wrong, poor things. And ACORN has worked so hard at attempting to weed out the bad registrations. Only, dozens of reports show that it’s the policy of the ACORN managers to drive poor workers to meet quotas or lose their income, and this pattern has persisted for several election cycles, and all over the country. So, no, Composer, it’s obviously systemic; not to mention that it’s also a continuation of the stated policy of the organization ACORN arose out of, which attempted similar system-flooding of the welfare system. As to trying to vet the registrations themselves, that’s just an outright lie. They deliberately dump stacks of fraudulent applications on the desk of the registration office the last day registrations are due. It’s designed to flood the system, so they can’t weed out fake votes that occur later. You really need to give up the lies, they’re just too transparent.

And, of course, not a word is mentioned about the van loads of illegals being shuffled into the voting booths, the Democratic officials refusing to do their jobs, the Democratic officials aiding and abetting defrauders, the Democratic DOJ lawyers indicting citizens for the crime of accurately describing the law. No, these three mooks are actually part of the conspiracy, orchestrated by the Obama team to deflect accurate complaints about genuine voter fraud. At least one of them, I suspect, actually knows it’s fraud; the other two aren’t really capable of independent thought, and believe whatever they’re told.

The rest of the spew is just one logical fallacy after another, all attempts to deflect attention. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Nothing to see here, folks.

Hawk and jazz are great examples of how leftists “think.” There’s no argument, really, just a sneer of derision. A sneer, says Catholic evangelist Frank Sheed, is a distortion of the face that denotes a worse distortion of the soul. For so many on the left, there’s nothing in their souls but sneering; they’ve ceased to be human, and become venom incarnate. No thoughts can penetrate, because they’re beyond thinking.

Composer, on the other hand, tries a flood of misdirection. First, an attempt to change the subject (to Palin.) Then, a truly silly appeal to authority, which he continues at the end in hilarious form, explaining to me how much hubris it would take for me ever, ever to think any thought not approved by the great and irrefutable COLIN POWELL. It might be entertaining, after hearing Composer’s explanation why I should not think my own thoughts, to hear his explanation why I should make Powell my Brain Massa and not, say, Charles Krauthamer or George Will. [sarc]I take it for granted that Composer really does believe what he’s preaching to me, and practices it himself, so I wonder to whom he’s debased himself as Brain Slave; he might be shocked to learn that some of us actually enjoy thinking for ourselves. [/sarc]

Then, he recites the Obamantra, telling us how much more money we will all have when Obama waves his liberal Magic Wand and reduces our taxes by letting the Bush tax cuts expire (huh? how does that work?), forgetting that some of us actually understand tax policy and know that even if the Great Obama does only what he’s explained (which nobody sensible could possibly believe, given the transparency of his pandering and the number of outright lies at which he’s been caught,) the economy is going to belly-flop because of new taxation (we already have the 2nd highest capital gains tax in the world, and he wants to double it? Think businesses are having trouble raising investment capital now, imagine what it’ll be like after that passes.) And of course, he won’t stop there, not with $800 billion in new programs high on his priority list and no source in his “tax the rich” fantasy capable of raising even an eighth of that. The only question is how long it will be before he announces that the middle class tax cut will have to be postponed; will he do it before taking office, like Clinton did, or will he wait until he’s made a pass at “keeping his promise” for the truly naive among us. And then we’ll all find out how deeply disingenuous all the left’s complaints about the “Bush deficits” truly were.

But that’s all just misdirection, an attempt to change the subject.

No, folks, this post is about voter fraud, because the Democrats have nominated yet another f’ing criminal to take the White House, only this one has messianic delusions as well. We’ll just see more thuggery, fraud, and legal harassment of honest citizens if he gets his hands on the office. These posters, who are the low-level thugs, prove the point. And it’s long past time for honest citizens to begin preparing to provide new guards for their future security.

December 28, 2008 @ 6:54 pm #

I found this blog entry via a web search for the title of an older Readers Digest article, which I formatted and placed online recently.

They’re Stealing the Election!Readers Digest, Trevor Armbrister, August 1997

This shows how Democrats use vote fraud, to steal elections from Republicans. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) should never been allowed to be seated… I wish she’d been defeated by John Kennedy (R), this time around.

It sucks that U.S. Senate terms are six years.

July 6, 2009 @ 11:01 am #

[…] Based on the unscrupulous nature of much of what progressives have done in recent years — the illegal voting maneuvers, the assaults on free speech, President Obama’s constitutionally improper […]

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